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Chase Better Health Outcomes.
Not Charts.

Digital medical record retrieval, as it should be.

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Go from at risk to ahead of the curve.

Does your staff spend more time tracking down charts than on patient care? Has your team ever made a medical error because you lacked the right medical data?

Manual medical record retrieval leads to uncontrolled risk. With Credo, payers and practices gain instant access to historical patient data, allowing them to deliver a higher, more accurate level of care.

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Digital Access To Patient Medical Data

Allow your staff to focus on patients, not fax machines.

Eliminate Duplicate Testing

Access to the data you need, when you need it, so you never test patients twice.

Improve Patient Experience

Know more about your patient before walking in the room to provide a better plan of care.

Focus on patient care, not paper trails.

Over 9 billion pieces of paper are faxed each year transferring patient medical data. Let’s stop that, together.

Instant Medical Record Retrieval

Automated identification and retrieval through historical claims data.

Digital Release of Information (ROI)

Move away from paper and onboard patients digitally with our ROI solution.

Medical Record Conversion

Cleansing, de-duping and converting physical records to FHIR-based, comprehensive digital records.

Patient Access

Keep your patients up to date with all their medical record information so next time sharing their information is even easier.

You're already short staffed, stop wasting valuable time and money.


Current annual spend on duplicate radiology tests in health care facilities across the US because records cannot be found.


Annual spend on medical record record retrieval in the US


The average time spent per day by clinical staff chasing records.

Credo can create real value for providers, payers and patients by digitizing and automating the simple stuff. Why do we still pay people to chase paper in the 21st century? It is baffling that we still fax billions of pages back and forth around a system, adding cost and confusion to health care. I know that Credo can help.

John Driscoll
CEO at CareCentrix
John Discoll

I have been dedicated to enabling patient access to their data for almost a decade now, working closely to accelerate standards like FHIR. I believe Credo will lead the market in making the information useful for the people we love.

Aneesh Chopra
President of CareJourney

Discover how digital medical record management can revolutionize your healthcare practice.

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