Better Records
Better Care
Better Outcomes

Finally, a solution that links multiple points of evidence to help you make the right medical decisions, from the start.

Empowering quality care from day one.

Credo enables value-based care providers with a complete clinical picture from the start so patients experience the first visit they deserve.

The complete record you need to risk adjust accurately.

We’ll gather, identify, and present all HCC and HEDIS gaps for your review, substantially improving coding, treatment, and compliance accuracy.

Make new patients feel like old friends.

Demonstrate an in-depth understanding of your new patients’ medical histories from the first visit.

Records collected on a patient before their first visit.


Average HCC value found on new patients.


Average number of records per patient collected — no ROI needed!

Elevate your care delivery to new heights with Credo PreDx.

We go beyond the EHR to uncover all digital and paper records to ensure a patient's entire medical history is taken into consideration, seamlessly integrating it from intake to point of care.

Summarized Digital Patient Medical Records

Allow your staff to focus on patients, not endless faxed medical records.

Better Compliance

Pre-encounter risk analysis for complete clinical understanding of every patient.

Improved Financial Performance & Outcomes

Know more before the first visit and ensure the right treatment for better outcomes.

Chart Copilot

For all provider groups

Digital patient records gathered from 17k+ sources delivered in 3 minutes or less.

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Best Value

HCC Copilot

For organizations taking on risk

Automated risk adjustment fully integrated in your EHR.

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We’ve been working with incomplete patient pictures far too long.

Credo puts the pieces back together so your patients receive the care they deserve, and you get reimbursed faster.

Working with Credo has transformed our practice.

“We improved our ability to engage providers through their actionable HCC summaries and supporting documentation that ensure conditions are assessed and coded appropriately.”

Logan Steele
VP of Operations
Physician Care Centers