Healthcare records are a mess. They should and can be better.

We converged on this belief and stay motivated by shattering expectations every day in an industry resistant to change.

This is our path to the future.

Credo Health was born out of a transformative moment in the life of our founder, Carm Huntress, that thrust his family into the labyrinthine world of medical records and healthcare bureaucracy. He discovered a system marked by inefficiency, inaccessibility, and archaic processes that eliminated the ability to see a clear and concise picture of each patient.

This experience ignited Carm's mission to revolutionize healthcare. He envisioned a future where complete and accessible medical histories would empower providers, where risk adjustment would be comprehensive and efficient, and where patients would receive personalized, high-quality care without the burden of paperwork.

Today, Credo Health stands as a testament to Carm's dedication. Our purpose is clear: to bridge the gap between the past and the future of healthcare. We're on a mission to make complete and accurate medical records accessible to all, transforming lives, improving care outcomes, and enhancing the patient experience.

Join us in bringing healthcare into the digital age, one record at a time.

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Carm Huntress

Chief Executive Officer

Paul Gue

Chief Information Officer

Cindy Bedard

Chief Financial Officer

Avishaan Sethi

Chief Technology Officer

Rachel Bakst

Chief of Staff

Laura Clampett

Vice President of Product

Robin Malloch

Vice President of Client Success

Matt Bloodgood

Head of Sales

Jose-Miguel Maldonado

Head of People and Culture

Natalie Yannopoulos

Operations Manager

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We're on a mission to give patients and providers the experience they want and deserve.

Working at Credo Health

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In-person when it matters

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