A Master Class in Value-Based Care with Andrew Schutzbank MD, MPH

WTF can we do to make sure the technology solutions we’re building are actually making physicians’ lives easier? Andrew Schutzbank MD, MPH has a unique perspective on this as a doctor who helped found Iora Health and has since gained experience on the product and payer sides of healthcare. In this episode, Carm talks with Andrew about the ways his medical background informs his approach to problem solving around topics like relationship-based care, provider enablement, embracing agile work, and more. 

Andrew shares some of the biggest lessons he learned from medical school and residency (4:41), and he breaks down some of the key differences between an internist or primary care doctor and other medical professionals (14:45). He also tells the story behind Iora Health and explains why relationship-based care is so important (17:37). Andrew then shares his insights about some of the biggest problems in healthcare today, including provider enablement (28:40), primary and secondary complexity (47:52), and the gap between payers and providers (52:14).

Episode Recap:

  • Healthcare is a problem worth solving (2:13) 
  • Lessons learned from medical school and residency (4:41)
  • Internists and primary care doctors have a unique perspective (14:45)
  • Providers need to make the right promises and keep them (17:37)
  • Approaching product with a physician’s background (28:40)
  • Technology should reduce clicks or lower the cognitive load of providers (38:45)
  • Primary vs. secondary complexity (47:52)
  • Fundamental differences between payers and providers (52:14)
  • Is Medicare Advantage working for us? (56:24) 
  • Finding better ways to work (1:01:20)

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