Developing the App Store of Healthcare with Oron Afek

WTF can we do to improve adoption of new healthcare technology? For Oron Afek, the answers all come back to building a streamlined provider experience. Oron is the CEO of Vim, a provider engagement platform connecting data to workflow at health care’s “last mile” at the point of patient care.

In this episode, he joins Carm to discuss Vim’s partnership with Credo (5:24), explain why infrastructure is healthcare’s biggest challenge (16:00), and share his perspective on the future of value-based care (45:54). He also describes his ideal future state where providers can access an app store-like experience and explains his plans to turn that vision into reality (50:16).

Episode Recap:

  • How has your story shaped your healthcare perspective? (0:59)
  • Building healthcare’s Amazon (5:24)
  • What EHRs got right and wrong (12:27)
  • Interoperability is an infrastructure issue (16:00)
  • How Vim is driving innovation with payers (18:45)
  • The state of value-based care today (26:10) 
  • You can’t have adoption without a streamlined experience (33:46)
  • How AI can become a partner for value-based care organizations (40:59)
  • Is value-based care the future? (45:54)
  • What’s next for Vim in 2024 (50:16)

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