Empowering Providers to Drive Care Improvement

Under a value-based care model, organizations are now incentivized to provide the best possible care to their patients. But too often, that burden for care improvement falls only on providers, without any thought given to the challenges that might limit their ability to deliver excellent care.

When 49% of providers report feeling burnt out, and 62% point to tasks like paperwork and charting as the biggest contributor to that burnout, it’s clear that something needs to change.

If we want to see sustainable quality improvement in value-based care, we need to find ways to reduce administrative burden on providers, so they can focus on what matters most: their patients. 

Equip Providers with Complete Patient Medical Histories

Did you know providers spend 5 hours per week previewing patient records? And even with all that time spent, providers aren’t getting some of the most important information about their patients’ histories. The average practice only collects 10% of a patient’s records before their first visit.

We have a two-fold problem in the way we collect and analyze records, and both parts need to be addressed:

  1. Healthcare organizations need an efficient way to retrieve more medical records, faster 
  2. Providers need those records delivered in a digestible, easy-to-understand format

At Credo Health, we’ve focused on tackling both of these issues with PreDx, our retrieval and analysis solution. Not only are we able to collect records on 98% of patients before the first visit, but we also present that information to providers in an easy-to-read summary they can review before the appointment. 

This results in 2 hours saved in pre-visit prep per patient. 

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Identify Technologies Providers Love to Use 

Purchasing a new software or hiring a third-party company to help with record retrieval will only be effective if providers are willing to adopt the technology. 

And when providers are overworked and undersupported, it makes sense that the last thing they want to do is learn a new system or add extra steps to their workflows. 

When evaluating new solutions for your organization, make sure to ask the question: Will this solution make their lives easier, or harder?

At Credo, we understand this challenge and are committed to building solutions that providers love to use. Through our point of care integration with Vim, all the health information we gather is delivered straight into the EHR. There’s no new software to learn or time wasted!

Boost Patient Satisfaction and CAHPS Scores

Gone are the days when patients will settle for less than the highest quality of care. Patients expect more from their providers now than ever before, and we believe that’s what they deserve, too. 

By reducing providers' workloads and equipping them with a complete understanding of each patient’s medical history, you can empower them to make more informed decisions, reduce duplicate testing, and maximize the limited time they have to spend with each patient. 

In turn, you’ll see your CAHPS ratings improve along with your care outcomes. 

By engaging with Credo, some value-based care organizations have seen an 80% reduction in duplicate tests, and a 65% reduction in second visits from patients. 

To learn more about how Credo can help you equip your providers with the information they need, while also reducing their administrative workloads, schedule a demo with our team at this link. 

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