Learning from Healthcare’s Past with Dr. Bill Winkenwerder

WTF have we learned from the past few decades of healthcare innovation, and how can it help inform the future? Bill Winkenwerder has a unique perspective on healthcare as both a doctor and executive who now works in private equity. He’s led companies including Highmark and Prudential Health, served as the U.S. Assistant Secretary of Defense for Health Affairs, and is the current chairman of the health IT company CitiusTech. 

In his conversation with Carm, Bill breaks down some of the biggest lessons he learned from the early days of EHRs (15:21), the transition to value (21:08), and the massive investments made in healthcare technology (28:17). He also shares his perspective on the disconnect between clinical and business knowledge (7:37) and talks about some of the companies and innovations he’s most excited about today (35:52).

Episode Recap:

  • Benefits of combining clinical and business knowledge(1:56)
  • Why do so many doctors struggle with business acumen? (7:37)
  • The early days of population health analysis (10:41)
  • What we got wrong in the transition to EHRs (15:21)
  • Is value-based care the future? (21:08)
  • Why haven't our investments in health tech fully paid off? (28:17) 
  • Keeping humanity in healthcare (31:53) 
  • 4 companies Bill is most excited about right now (35:52)

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