Moving Care Out of the Hospitals with John Driscoll

WTF can we do to lower costs, improve outcomes, and increase patient satisfaction? In this episode, Carm Huntress talks with John Driscoll, president of U.S. healthcare and executive vice president at Walgreens Boots Alliance, about some of the solutions that are driving better outcomes in healthcare today. 

John shares the story of when he first realized healthcare needed to change at a young age (1:28), and he traces the arc of his career from driving better outcomes in pharmacy (4:33) to optimizing the last mile of care in his work at CareCentrix (13:17). John also shares his perspective on the move to value-based care (15:22), and he explains how he’s defining success for the next few years of healthcare innovation. 

Episode Recap: 

  • Healthcare is built more for billing than for care (1:28)
  • How pharmacy can drive better outcomes (4:33) 
  • The role of the PBMs (8:53)
  • Standardizing data in pharmacy (11:42)
  • Managing expectations around value-based care (13:17)
  • What does success look like for the next few years? (19:13)

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