Newly Launched Credo Raises $3M to Gather Medical Charts for Providers

This article was originally published in Built In Colorado.

Although many health records have been digitized, medical providers are still wasting precious hours chasing patient records from providers that don’t use the same medical records platform.

Denver-based healthtech veteran Carm Huntress is out to solve that problem and digitize the 15 billion medical records that are faxed each year in the U.S. The retrieval of patient records, sometimes known as “chart chasing,” not only wastes the valuable time of doctors and nurses, Huntress said, but it also causes delays in care. It also causes 30 percent of tests to be reordered because records cannot be found

On Monday, Huntress announced the launch of Credo, which digitizes and automates the retrieval of medical records through robotic process automation. The startup is launching out of stealth with $3 million in seed funding.

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