Solution Helps Value-Based Primary Care Group Stop ‘Chart Chasing’

This article was originally published on Healthcare Innovation.

Physician Care Centers, a fast-growing value-based primary care group, is deploying a solution from Colorado-based startup Credo to quickly gather and synthesize patient documentation.

Physician Care Centers has offices in Georgia, Florida, Texas and South Carolina, and will soon expand into Arizona and Virginia. It serves approximately 50,000 patients in some variation of global or partially capitated risk in Medicare Advantage.

Logan Steele, vice president of operations, said all the new-patient acquisition requires a lot of document chasing. “In some of our high-growth markets, we typically see anywhere from 10 percent to 20 percent new membership growth, just net new to the practice,” he said. “Getting records on the members can sometimes be extremely difficult. With this PreDx solution, instead of a process that would take months to gather a comprehensive medical record on a member, we're able to get it in a matter of days.”

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